Resource Road, Bridge and Culvert Design

VAST’s highly skilled and experienced team of professionals can survey, design, install and assure all types and sizes of bridge and culverts. Specific services include:

  • Topographic survey and crossings design
  • Certification/assurance and professional sign-off on as-built installations
  • Construction supervision;
  • Permitting and agency approvals
  • Utilizing LiDAR technology for road and bridge design, and terrain stability assessments

Whether it’s a mining haul road, run-away lane, or forestry road, VAST’s team of technicians and professionals can determine the optimum route and location, survey the road location and cross sections for design, and prepare engineered configuration design documents. In addition, VAST provides:

  • Road grade stake and supervise construction
  • Hydrology and drainage plans for resource road systems
  • The use of LiDAR technology for road designs