Geotechnical Engineering

VAST’s professional Engineers can complete the following projects:

  • Retaining wall design and construction supervision
  • Landslide investigation and risk assessments
  • Rock and soil anchor design
  • Slope stability analysis, landslide assessments and mitigation plans, and terrain hazard and risk assessments. A variety of analytical and numerical modeling techniques are used to assess the stability of slopes
  • Geo-hazard assessments (i.e. alluvial fan, landslide, and flood plain) for proposed site developments
  • Soil, rock anchor and retaining wall design and installation assurance/certification
  • Geotechnical assessments and inspections for residential dwellings, commercial buildings, and communication tower foundations, and civil/municipal pavement structure designs which include:
    •  Subsurface investigations
    •  Limit States Design bearing capacity
    • Foundation drainage
    •  Earthquake analysis
    •  Lateral earth pressure, structural/engineered fill design
    •  Backfill and compaction procedures
    •  Deep excavation safe work procedures
    •  Site grading and drainage
    •  Dry well design
  • Development and assessment of drainage prescriptions and plans to reduce mass wasting events from erosion or landslides
  • Total Station and RTK surveys and construction layout