Reclamation and Restoration

VAST specializes in the design, implementation and monitoring of cost-effective, practical solutions to soil management and land reclamation challenges on sites disturbed by exploration, forestry, resource extraction, road construction and utility development activities. Working closely with our clients, our reclamation specialists manage the entire process from conceptual design and permitting to decommissioning and effectiveness monitoring.

  • Pre-construction site assessments and mitigation planning
  • Prescriptions for soil stabilization, erosion and sediment control, recontouring and revegetation of sites disturbed by exploration, resource extraction, road construction, and utility development activities
  • Erosion and sediment control plans and inspections
  • Site-specific rehabilitation and revegetation plans
  • Reclamation planning and reporting for Mines Act permitting, Notice of Work (NoW) applications, and Mineral Tenure Act submissions
  • Mine reclamation and closure plans, including soil characterization studies and soil salvage, stockpiling, handling and conceptual reclamation planning
  • Aggregate extraction and reclamation plans for sand/gravel pits and rock quarries
  • Design and implementation of bioengineering prescriptions for slope and streambank stabilization