Geomatics and Survey

VAST’s Geomatics and Survey team provide residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial clients with practical, customized digital mapping, database management, and topographic survey solutions that allow site-specific and landscape-level analysis and decision making.

  • Topographic survey and construction layout surveying using Real Time Kinematic (RTK) and Total Station Equipment
  • UAV (Drone) geo-referenced contour and feature mapping with colour photos and videos.
  • ArcGIS, CADD, Google Earth and MicroStation data integration and conversion
  • Customized geodatabase applications utilizing Visual Basic, SQL, ODBC, and ArcObjects
  • Digital elevation modeling (DEM), query and analysis
  • GPS surveying (manual, vehicle and aerial), data processing and translation
  • High-accuracy feature delineation using digital stereo photo interpretation
  • LiDAR survey data interpretation and mapping
  • QA/QC on GIS data from schema reviews to topology rules and spatial relationships
  • Spatial analysis for natural resource assessments, ecosystem and socio-economic modeling
  • Visual impact modeling and assessment with 2-D and 3-D data capture and analysis